Bill Rossi

From the Heart.

I lead from the heart. From the work I create to the support I give, my work experience bleeds through to my personal life. Everything we do should be from an authentic place. We can make all the money in the world, but when we die, what is there to show for it? However, if we change people’s lives—instead of making people money—then we have something to show.

My own personal story with heart disease and being gay have given me a voice for those who don’t speak up. Being positive is not a choice. For me, it’s a way of life. Not only do I approach life from the heart, I handle my own with care. Leading from the heart in all aspects of life—in business, love, personal relationships, physical presence, and the day-to-day tasks—will create a better, richer, more authentic experience, so you really can live every day as though it is your last.

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How Heart Disease Taught Me to Say Yes to Life

by Bill Rossi
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