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Beth Ritter Nydick
I am a Cocktail Cookbook Author and Healthy Lifestyle Expert but I was a former TV producer by day and bartender by night. I spent five years in television working eighteen-hour days trying to get ahead, fueled with nothing but Diet Coke and the occasional corn muffin. To be honest, the sleep deprivation and Diet Coke addiction made me one hangry bitch. I barely slept and always felt terrible. In college, I cured my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by eating "right" and spent hours in the library reading books on nutrition and the food system-but years out of school, I'd landed far away from where I had begun.
Thankfully, the cancellation of my TV show in early 2001 forced me to reevaluate my life and get back on track. When I became pregnant later that year, I soaked up any information I could find on what to eat to prevent my son from developing food allergies. I made my own baby food from fresh vegetables I grew myself. The women in my "mommy group" thought I was bonkers … until they started asking for my help. They peppered me with questions like "Beth, what do I do if my kids won't eat this?" and "How do I make my own baby food?" I was eager to answer them. I offered loads of sound advice, but I still craved more information. This pursuit of all things healthy led to my enrollment in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and my transformation into a certified holistic health coach and food entrepreneur. I've helped hundreds of clients improve their health by changing the way they eat. Food truly is the medicine! You can find my book at, and other big box stores, you can also find the Blue Barn Kitchen Bars in retailers around NJ.

I have appeared on The Chew and The Dr. Oz Show as well as Parade Magazine,,, and many more.

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whole foods

Pantry cocktails, snacks, and dinner.

by Beth Nydick
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