CEO, the Business of HR

Barbie Winterbottom

CEO, HR Expert, HR Pro Coach, Keynote Speaker

A CEO, Coach, Mentor and advocate for women and minorities in business, Barbie is a strategic and insightful Business leader and coach known for growing strong talent and fostering People First cultures.

As the founder of the Business of HR, Barbie has a passion for coaching and developing HR professionals.  She brings 20+ years of hands-on HR and executive experience to the Business of HR with a goal to transform the HR space from a tactical "cost center" to the strategic powerhouse of business leaders and influencers our businesses and people need.

Often quoted for her, "No more HR Policy Police" mentality, Barbie pushes the envelope and is not afraid to talk about the hard things and the ways in HR pros need to get out of their own way and blaze a trail for a new and meaningful people experience in the workplace.

Grounded in truth and authenticity, Barbie brings a whole person, humanized approach to her work and to those she coaches, quickly becoming one of the most sought after and trusted advisors to those in the HR profession.

email Barbie directly at [email protected]


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