Ann Hathaway, MD

Dr. Hathaway is a graduate of the University of California San Francisco Medical School and completed residency training and board certification in Family Practice Medicine. She worked in a conventional medicine setting for many years until in1995, frustrated by the limits of conventional medicine, she discovered Functional Medicine, a system of personalized medicine that seeks to understand the underlying causes in each individual and make the necessary changes to optimize each person’s health. She’s been developing her expertise over the last 25 years and now is teaching other physicians in this field. Her practice is now focused on the functional medicine Reversal of Cognitive Decline Program (ReCODE) developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen which is successfully preventing and reversing early dementia.

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Precision Medicine Reversal of Early Alzheimer’s Disease Study

by Ann Hathaway, MD
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Thriving in the New Normal//

Covid-19 Update and How We Can Use Our Habits to Keep Us Healthy

by Ann Hathaway, MD
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