Adam Oakley

Writer, blogger, bookmaker. An occasional reader, a regular breather. Author of - the free resource for inner peace.

Adam founded after realising that despite high amounts of education, he had never learned how to deal with his own mind. He could tell you about the properties of countless antibiotics, the latest research on Alzheimer's Disease, and yet he couldn't silence his own mind.

Never knowing how to deal with negative emotions, racing thoughts or his own resistance to the world led to a period of reflection and a loss of interest in outward pursuits.

After a period of withdrawal from the world and discovering paths to freedom, he began writing and sharing his insights in the form of a blog, which naturally developed into guidance-based books, short stories and adventure novels to communicate the themes of inner peace in easily digestable ways, for a wide rage of ages.

He now works as a writer, and also serves as a counsellor for people looking for personal guidance via his Inner Peace Coaching service.

Visit Adam at his website, discover all the free content available, and contact him with any questions you have...

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Energy Thieves – Short Story

by Adam Oakley

The Value Of Nothing

by Adam Oakley
Unplug & Recharge//


by Adam Oakley

5 Spiritual Conditionings To Be Free From

by Adam Oakley
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