Introducing the

The first-ever tool that lets you measure the People Experience  
today to drive sustainable peak performance tomorrow.

Why participate?
Get unprecedented insight into your employee population with a detailed report on strengths and weaknesses in your People Experience.
Identify the People Experience gaps that may be preventing your teams from reaching full potential, and get actionable recommendations on how to bridge the gap through operational processes and practices.
Become eligible to reach massive global audiences by being featured across Fortune, Thrive and SAP's digital and live platforms.
What makes it different?
Unlike existing, employer-centric corporate surveys, the Thrive XM Index takes a holistic view of employee well-being, taking into account the full range of human experience, in which work is a key factor -- but not the only factor.
Experience leading
The Thrive XM Index examines the root causes of issues that affect your people and your business. We provide unprecedented insight into the upstream factors that determine employee well-being, performance and productivity -- allowing you to anticipate challenges, course-correct and drive better outcomes.
Moments that
We view employees as human beings with needs and motivations that extend beyond the workplace. The Thrive XM Index's defining differentiator is a focus on five key experiences and the moments that shape our lives. How a company responds to these critical moments that matter with its human resources investments, business processes and organizational culture makes the difference.
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